Empower Mexican Diaspora

Empower Mexicans abroad and Mexican descents to find and develop opportunities on education and knowledge growth, business, science and technology

Inclusion into the Knowledge Society

Promote the incorporation of the Mexicans and Mexican descendants into the knowledge society, through education, collaboration and high impact networking.

Champion Entrepreneurship

Promote and support entrepreneurship and business development programs in the Hispanic population of the United States

Red Global MX (Mexican Global Network)

Red Global MX, or Global Network of Highly Qualified Mexicans, is a worldwide organization of Mexicans interested in promoting the development of Mexico through the insertion of the country into the knowledge economy.

The Global Network seeks to connect, know and organize the Mexican diaspora to generate high value in the Community and with interest in contributing to the economic growth of Mexico.

Mexican Global Network is a U.S. non-profit corporation enabled to support activities and operations of Red Global MX in the United States and worldwide

Mexico Global

Know more about Red Global MX

Visit the official website of the Red Global MX  and learn more about this worldwide association of talented Mexicans.