Red Global MX

Mexican Global Network is an NGO with a legal structure and organization dedicated to support programs of the Red Global MX in the U.S. and the world

  1. Enable resources and operations to execute projects led by members of the global network
  2. Connect and engage member of Red Global MX around the world
  3. Promote and communicate outcomes of Red Global MX

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Support for programs to help civil society in Mexico through projects among Mexicans around the world

  1. Social Entrepreneurship
  2. Sustainable Communities
  3. Support in Public Policies and People Empowerment

Emprendiendo en America

Startup in America.  This an initiative to promote and enable entrepreneurship in the Hispanic population of the U.S.

  1. Development and incubation programs
  2. Demo events and fairs
  3. Networking events

Supporting the Mexican Diaspora

Mexican Global Network is an non-profit organization with highly qualified staff and dedicated to support the High Skilled Mexican Diaspora

A High Impact Non-Profit Organization

Mexican Global Network is a Self-sustaining and fund-raising organization through sponsors and institutional programs.

It is enabled to operate effectively in the U.S., but with the ability to support worldwide initiatives.

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